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Better recipes, more attractive product design.


Make the most of your products with isi ProductTesting. We support you with product tests in the sensory laboratory, at your consumers' homes, or in our expert panels.

Pack & Design.

Find the optimal design for your product or packaging with isi DesignTesting - from idea development to first drafts, 2D concepts and physical prototypes to the finished end product. 

Idea & Concept.

Turn your innovation idea into a success with isi Idea & Concept Testing. We support you in validating your idea and adapt it perfectly to the problems and requirements of your customers.

Consumer Insights.

Learn more about your target group with isi ConsumerUnderstanding. We help you understand your customers and align your products and services precisely to their needs.


Based on psychological models, we use isi BrandAnalysis to reveal the profile of your brand. Together with you, we develop a strategy for making this profile tangible for consumers.

Agile Methods.

With isi AgileMethods, we support you in agilizing your processes, working cross-functionally, shortening your innovation cycles, and adapting more quickly to market feedback.

Test Studio Finder.

The (r)evolution of test studio search: With the isi Test Studio Finder, you can easily locate the right studio for your test from a large selection of isi-certified test studios - worldwide.

Sensory Self Service.

Sensory Self Service S³ is our new online tool for quickly, easily and inexpensively requesting basic studies for your product development. The result is available in 3-4 days!
fascinating product experience is our passion
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Our Passion

Fascinating Product Experience for All the Senses

Develop fascinating products with our support for all the senses. Taste, Smell, Vision, Touch and Hearing – the 5 pathways to the perfect experience. We make certain that every path leads in the same direction.

Our unique sensory marketing tools combined with innovative approaches in market and sensory research has made us one of the world’s leading agencies in the field of sensory market research.

our blog - methods and insights
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Our Blog

Insights & Methods

We analyze your products holistically and navigate the way between subjective consumer view and the realities of the technical manufacturer perspective.

On our blog you will find in-depth articles on our methods, exciting use cases, best practices and insights from the world of sensory research.