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Companies react to the ever changing challenges in innovation by implementing lean, agile innovation processes and frameworks. Eagerness to experiment, timeboxing (e.g. by working in sprints) and an iterative approach based on build-measure-learn cycles are becoming increasingly important. A high customer focus remains an essential prerequisite.

The transition to agile innovation methods leads to a change in research needs. Smaller, faster test approaches that support iterative development processes are becoming increasingly relevant. The classic approaches (IDIs / FGs and online studies) are sometimes unnecessarily large in terms of duration and costs.

The isi AGILE STATUS TEST enables our clients to test, iterate, and launch their ideas, concepts, designs and products with a shorter turn around and more successfully.

Within three days we collect qualitative and quantitative feedback from consumers and process the insights into recommendations for further iterations or next steps.

Day 1 & 2: 1-hour qualitative interviews are conducted with consumers to get feedback on relevant stimuli (e.g. concept, prototype). We use the insights from each interview in the follow-up interview to react flexibly ("agile") to the findings.

On our Online Status Check Platform, our clients can have the stimuli assessed by a larger - representative - sample. We create client-specific surveys from existing templates. The analysis is done automatically and at the end of the two days qualitative and quantitative insights are available.

Day 3: An online workshop with all project participants, in which the collected consumer feedback is used for the next iteration, completes the research loop.

Your advantages:

  • Rapid consumer feedback: insights & recommendations within 3 days
  • Precision: client-specific selection of relevant KPIs & target groups from our database
  • Action-oriented: screening & learning combined by quantitative KPIs and qualitative recommendations for the next iteration
  • Inexpensive: with fewer resources (time and budget) a maximum of knowledge


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