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Insights & Methods

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Oat milk: isi study reveals differences

Fabienne Hübener 1 June 2022

Too sweet, too sticky, or just right? Oat milk continues to increase in popularity. But which drink will win the race for customers favorite is still up in the air. In an internal isi test, isi sensor...

How companies can use the Nutri Score to their advantage

Fabienne Hübener 1 February 2022

The Nutri-Score presents both a challenge and an opportunity for food manufacturers. Companies using it gain favor with customers. In an interview, Robert Möslein explains how sensory research can hel...

How to successfully use Nutri-Score optimization for your product

isi GmbH 1 February 2022

Starting in 2020, manufacturers are able to use Nutri-Score to inform consumers about the nutritional value of their products using an easy to understand Front-of-Pack label. This is a five-colour lab...