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isi ProductTesting

You want to develop a new product, are in the middle of the innovation process or want to make adjustments to an existing product. We support your decision making process and  provide answers to the following questions:

  • How does my product or newly developed prototype perform compared to the relevant competition along the Sensory Consumer Journey?
  • Is a change in product, formulation, or ingredient/supplier substitution noticeable to the consumer?
  • What does the ideal sensory profile, the ideal product design, look like that I am striving for? Which dimensions have already been positively evaluated? Where is a need for optimization?

Since our founding 25 years ago in 1995, we have been providing you with answers to these questions with our Product Testing. Whether it is food, beverages, home or body care, household appliances, or consumer electronics, we use innovative approaches to ensure that you can make the most out of your products.

Product tests in the sensory lab or at consumers' homes


isi Product Testing @ Sensory Lab 

We offer you optimal testing conditions from our own sensory laboratories in Göttingen, Munich, Hamburg, and Cologne. Worldwide, we have built up a network of isi certified international partners to give you the opportunity to test your product almost anywhere in the world. The isi-certification standards ensure that the isi standards applied in our own facilities in Germany are followed and maintained by our international partners.  

isi Teststudio Finder enables you to book one of our worldwide partner studios for your next test. Uncomplicated with just a few clicks. Need it done in a short turnaround? Sensory Self-Service (S3) from isi offers feedback on your prototype or sample in just a few days.


isi Product Testing @ Home

In addition to isi ProductTesting@SensoryLab,  isi ProductTesting@Home offers real life product testing in consumers' homes. Our home-use tests answer...

  • Whether your product will pass the reality check,
  • how your consumers use or prepare your product at home,
  • how they judge the product after using it for several days,
  • whether your products deliver what they promise even during prolonged use,
  • whether long-term use has an impact on your product quality,
  • what are the consumer’s repurchase intentions?

With isi ProductTesting@Home, we take care everything for you: online recruitment, coding of the samples, sending the products to the test subjects and providing guidance, online data collection and finally the evaluation.

Would you prefer to take over some parts of the process yourself? No problem, with the isi Test Studio Finder you can also search for test studios that can support you on individual parts of the process -- worldwide.

isi SensoryExpertPanels

Do you have more specific sensory questions about your product for which you would prefer to have expert consultation? Are you asking yourself...

  • What are the objective sensory characteristics of my product?
  • How does the market landscape in my product category look like from a sensory standpoint?
  • Does changing my ingredients, my recipe or my production process have an impact on the sensory profile of my product?
  • Are there sensory differences between my fresh products and those at the end of their shelf life?
  • Do my products produced at different production sites differ from one another?

We answer these and similar questions with our isi SensoryExpertPanels. We are one of the world's leading providers of sensory expert panels with experience in over 30 different categories. We currently operate 16 exclusive panels for customers and 3 isi Allround panels at isi facilities.

With our Sensory Services, we do not only offer you first-class panel work, but also support you in setting up and maintaining your own panel, in choosing software solutions for your panel work, and in certifying your panel. 

Our Experts

Robert Möslein - Expert for product testing

Robert Möslein

Managing Director
+49 551 499 74 180

Manuel Rost - Expert for product testing

Manuel Rost

Associate Director
+49 551 499 74 280

Alexandra Kraus - expert for product testing

Dr. Alexandra Kraus

Associate Director
+49 40 303 86 534

or contact us via our contact page.

What methods do we use?

Different issues and products require different methods. That's why we don't rely on just one method but work with you to select the approach that best fits your project. They all have one thing in common: Each method and tool in our toolbox has been designed and improved continuously over 25 years of experience in our field.

In the area of product testing, this ranges from simple acceptance, preference, and difference tests to demanding procedures such as measuring the implicit associations triggered by the product or the creation of detailed sensory profiles. Sensory decoding is a core area of our work. By linking subjective consumer judgments with objective expert descriptions, we use Drivers of Liking / Drivers of Benefits studies to decode these linkages between designable product features and what they trigger in consumers' minds. We see ourselves as an interpreter between consumer language and corporate language.

We provide you with in-depth insights or quick decision templates. Depending on your requirements, we can dynamically adapt our methods to uncover the results you need for your product development.

Our tips and insights about Product Testing

In our blog you will find in-depth articles about our methods, exciting use cases, best practices and much more on the topic 'product testing'.

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