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Market research projects depend on efficient and high-quality fieldwork on site. isi is able to guarantee this crucial element by providing access to certified partners worldwide through a unique tool: the isi Test Studio Finder. 

You are looking for a suitable test studio for your market research study and would like to independently and quickly search and compare all relevant information available for each test studio. This is exactly what the Test Studio Finder has to offer!


How does it work?

Find the best test studio with Test Studio Finder by isi

Where do you find more information? 

You can simply explore the platform at teststudiofinder.com! Or take a look at our FAQ. There you will find the answer to more specific questions about the teststudiofinder - from registration to order confirmation. 

Find the optimal test studio

Which benefit does the Test Studio Finder offer? 

Like a booking.com for test studios, you can search for studios to conduct your fieldwork on a single platform, request projects with selected studios via isi, and get an immediate quotation. Your advantages are:  

  • Handpicked & certified studios - we guarantee that all projects are carried out under professional conditions and in accordance with our high quality standards. 

  • Multiple filtering options so that you are only shown test studios that actually fit your individual project requirements.

  • You decide what you need - choose from fieldwork only, to additional support by our isi experts, up to full-service market research studies.  

  • Fast and easy handling via isi - we always act as your direct point of contact and exclusive contractual partner for projects, this means for your complete fieldwork there is only 1 enquiry, 1 supplier in your supplier list, 1 contract and 1 invoice. 

Register now, free of charge and without obligation, at www.teststudiofinder.com.

Our Experts

Robert Röttgen - expert for test studios and field agencies

Robert Röttgen

Field Partner Network Manager

+49 551 499 74 282

Hussein Hodaib - expert for test studios and field agencies

Hussein Hodaib 

Field Partner Network Manager Assistant


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On our blog you will find in-depth articles, interesting use cases, best practices and other information to find the optimal test studio

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